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Product Title: Fundamentals of Manufacturing Cell Planning DVD Package

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The ability to effectively plan a manufacturing cell is a fundamental skill needed by every supervisor, team leader, and manufacturing engineer. This valuable training package was developed to help you do just that. It includes three DVDs, Planning Manufacturing Cells Textbook, and CAM Design and Manufacturing Handbook, which are based upon a proven and widely-used method called Systematic Planning of Manufacturing Cells (SPMC).

Together these materials comprise a ready to use kit for introducing, expanding, and improving the use of cells in your plant. The DVDs are a great way to get a quick overview of the subject and the planning procedures involved. DVD One introduces the basics of manufacturing cells and gives you a systematic approach for planning any kind of cell. DVD Two and Three show how to apply this step-by-step approach. The sessions in the workbook follow the journey of a typical cell-planning project, and correspond to a chapter in the text. The textbook provides essential details, valuable finer points, illustrations and examples.

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