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Product Title: Near Net Shape Forming Module Video Package

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The Near Net Shape Forming Module video package includes four programs from the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series.

  • Powder Metallurgy: Powder metallurgy is a metalworking technology used for producing parts from metal powder. Advantages include part design flexibility and the ability to produce net or near-net shaped parts. This program illustrates the metal powder production process and the part production process using metal powder production and power metal parts production.
  • Die Casting: Die casting is a high precision, rapid parts-producing process involving the high pressure injection of molten metal into a die having a cavity of the desired part shape. This program explores the common die cast metals and their various properties, as well as die casting machines and die cast tooling.
  • Casting: This program includes information on pattern and core production methods and covers an array of casting processes, arranging them into three major categories: (1) expendable mold/reusable pattern process, (2) expendable mold/expendable pattern process, and (3) permanent mold/no pattern process.
  • Forging: This program begins by outlining forging's function in refining the metallurgical microstructure of wrought mills forms and its use in generating parts to near-net shape from these forms. Featured are segments and various types of forging processes.


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