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Product Title: Deburring Processes DVD

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Deburring processes are used to finish sharp, undesirable part edges that are produced during cutting and stamping operations. Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program includes information on an array of deburring processes including cutting processes, power brushing, bonded abrasive finishing, mass finishing, abrasive blasting, abrasive-flow deburring, thermal deburring, and electro-chemical deburring.

The cutting processes segment highlights manual deburring and mechanical cutting operations.

The power brushing segment looks at metal filament brushes, synthetic material brushes, brush types and brush aggressiveness.

The bonded abrasive finishing segment details abrasive types, grain size, backing materials, and the varieties of bonded abrasive products.

The mass finishing segment encompasses numerous technologies including vibratory finishing, barrel/rotary tumbling, centrifugal disk finishing, centrifugal barrel finishing, and spindle finishing.

The abrasive blasting segment explores both dry and wet abrasive blasting processes.

The abrasive-flow deburring segment talks about the many media types used, as well as extrusion pressure, and the use of robots in industrial deburring.

The thermal and electro-chemical deburring segment features a detailed examination of thermal energy deburring, and electro-chemical deburring.


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