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Product Title: Powder Metallurgy DVD

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Powder metallurgy is a metalworking technology used for producing parts from metal powder. Advantages include part design flexibility and the ability to produce net or near-net shaped parts. Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program illustrates the metal powder production process and the part production processes using those powders.

The metal powder production segment looks at the various types of metal powders and the physical and mechanical methods used to produce them.

The powder metal parts production segment explores the common part production processes including mechanical pressing and sintering, metal injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, and cold isostatic pressing. Through the use of shop floor footage and animations, each of these processes is explained in detail, providing a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between each of them. Secondary operations, such as forging, sealing, plating, and heat treating are also featured.


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