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Product Title: What Lean Means DVD

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On every lean journey, what may seem easy to understand isn't always easy to implement. Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video series and produced in cooperation with the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), this video shows you what lean means today by exploring its visible evidence and promise. This program is an updated version of AME's classic 1992 video release.

George Koenigsaecker, president of Lean Investments, LLC and Lean Sensei for nearly three decades, provides an updated analysis of the lean concepts as they relate to the operations of a leading Shingo-Prize-winning company Hearth & Home Technologies in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. You'll see the current state of this lean company and witness the employee culture required to fuel its journey.

See it first-hand, then apply it to your operations!

  • Learn why the management behavior at Toyota is often different than in most organizations.
  • See how to combat first-time uneasiness of lean behavior by placing it in context with continuous improvement.


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