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Product Title: Braze Wettability: A Study of Nickel Containing Alloys

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Author: D L Brown, H Lichtenberger, R D Beckwith



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Published Date: 2004-07-30

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The braze ability to wet a substrate is a necessary and important requirement for the manufacture of mechanically sound and hermetically sealed joints. The extent to which a braze will wet and spread over a substrate is a function of both thermodynamic and kinetic considerations. Thermodynamic considerations must first be given to the compatibility between braze and substrate chemistries. Once the braze system has been selected, the kinetics of the system are often controlled through gap layout, furnace temperatures and times. Authors: D. L. Brown (Williams Advanced Materials, Buffalo, NY), H. Lichtenberger (Williams Advanced Materials, Buffalo, NY), R. D. Beckwith (CPI Microwave and Tube Division, Palo Alto, CA).


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