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Product Title: Determination of Cruciform Specimen for Stress Based Failure...

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Author: Brad L Kinsey, Sumit Moondra



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Published Date: 2004-07-30

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Recently, the concept of a stress-based failure criterion for sheet metal has been proposed and demonstrated analytically. However, experimental validation of the concept for flat sheet material is required. Similar biaxial tensile loading conditions that will be required to evaluate the stress-based failure criterion have been used in the past with cruciform specimens to assess, for example, the yield surface of the material. The first step to implementing a biaxial testing method is to determine a cruciform specimen for this application. In this paper, two unique cruciform specimen geometries based on previous research work were evaluated for use in a biaxial stress-based failure criterion test setup. To determine the superior specimen design, a mathematically well-defined methodology was established based on the values of stress, obtained through finite element analysis, in the central test region of the cruciform specimen. Authors: Sumit Moondra, Brad L. Kinsey, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.


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