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Product Title: Benchmarking RP Materials for Use in Spin Casting

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Author: John Weber, Sheku Kamara



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Published Date: 2004-07-30

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The quality and quantity of parts produced through spin casting using rapid prototyping masters is still an unknown due to the effects of the high heat of the silicone used during the vulcanizing process. Most rapid prototyping materials have heat deflection temperature less than 150° F, which is inadequate to maintain the integrity of the part during the vulcanizing process. Part warpage and missing features are common when using these materials. The goal of this study is to evaluate several rapid prototyping materials from different technologies with heat deflection temperature above 350° F at 66 psi. Accuracy, surface finish, part cost and overall part production time will be analyzed and presented. Authors: Sheku Kamara (Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI), John Weber (Master Lock Company, Milwaukee, WI).


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