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Product Title: Finite Element Analysis of Dented Stiffened Aircraft Structures

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Author: Kevin Lacey, Conor MacCormack, John Monaghan



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Published Date: 2004-07-13

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This paper focuses on the effect that low-velocity impacts have on the critical load of aircraft fuselage panels. Both residual stresses and geometrical imperfections, in the form of dents, are left in the panels after impact. This results in a redistribution of the load in the fuselage panel, stringers and frames. To investigate what affect the addition of a dent would have on the buckling characteristics of a panel, a nonlinear contact finite element (FE) analysis was conducted to simulate the denting process and establish both the residual stress distribution and dent geometry following the removal of the indenter. Authors: Kevin Lacey, Conor MacCormack, John Monaghan, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


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