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Product Title: Densification of Powdered Steel Preforms by Homogeneous Steel...

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Author: Emanuel Sachs FSME, Brian Kernan, Samuel M Allen, Christopher Sachs, Lukas Raffenbeul, Alberto Pettavino, Adam Lorenz



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Published Date: 2004-07-13

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Direct manufacture of metal parts by rapid prototyping may be done by 3-D printing of a metal powder. In this work, D2 tool steel has been densified via homogeneous steel infiltration, a gated infiltration route that uses as the infiltrant a steel alloy with a lower melting point than the base powder. Freeze-off of the steel infiltrant is avoided by operating at a temperature where some liquid is stable at chemical equilibrium. Mechanical properties following various heat treatments of the infiltrated D2 are compared with conventional wrought D2 and found to be very similar. A part made by 3-D printing is shown. Authors: Brian D. Kernan, Emanuel M. Sachs, Samuel M. Allen, Christoph Sachs, Lukas Raffenbeul, Alberto Pettavino, Adam Lorenz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.


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