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Product Title: Thickness Constraints in Composite Joints

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Author: Dahsin Liu, Raju Basavaraju



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Published Date: 2004-07-13

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This study investigates the effects of 3-D scaling on the strengths of composite joints. Double-lap, single-pin joints made of glass/epoxy composite laminates were used in the investigations. Experimental results revealed that the joint strengths decreased as the joint sizes increased. However, as the joint size increased, the damage mode of composite joints also changed from initial bearing damage followed by final net-section failure for small joint sizes to direct catastrophic net-section failure for large joint sizes. It was found from experiments that the constraints in the thickness direction played a key role in the damage processes. Authors: Dahsin Liu (Michigan State University, Lansing, MI), Li Hou (Michigan State University, Lansing, MI), Basavaraju B. Raju (U. S. Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center, Warren, MI).


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