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Product Title: Practical Considerations for Microstereolithography of Embedded...

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Author: Jeremy Palmer, Ryan Wicker, Atul V Ranade, Francisco Medina Jr



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Published Date: 2004-07-02

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In an effort to directly manufacture unique microfluidic devices with embedded complex and 3-D microchannels on the order of several microns to millimeters, issues associated with microfabrication using current commercially available stereolithography technology were investigated. Practical issues associated with the successful fabrication of embedded microchannels were divided into part preparation, part manufacture and post-cleaning with emphasis on channel geometry, size, number and orientation for successful microfabrication. Build issues investigated included accurate spatial registration of the build platform, building without base support and Z-stage position accuracy during the build. For successful fabrication of microchannels using current technology, it is imperative to inspect the build file for accurate representation of the intended geometry, develop a means for building without base support and internal support, provide feedback on Z-stage position and have the capability for cleaning microchannels. This work is intended to describe these issues with appropriate solutions for effective fabrication of embedded microchannels using available stereolithography technology.

Presented at: RAPID PROTOTYPING & MANUFACTURING 2004, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, May 10-13, Dearborn, MI.


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