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Product Title: Biomodelling of Congenital Cardiovascular Malformations from MRI...

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Author: Khaled G Elsaid, Giles W Vick III, Yasser Hosni



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Published Date: 2004-06-14

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Over the last two years, experiments conducted between the University of Central Florida and Baylor College of Medicine revealed that medical objects from an MRI require special considerations. Such considerations include the type of image processing, object orientation, material used as well as rapid prototyping technology. Three types of MRI, spin echo, gadolinium constrast and segmented multiphase gradient echo were used to study the implications of modeling using stereolithography. Lessons learned include that the use of eight-bit images in modeling are superior to 16-bit images. Authors: Khaled Elsaid (Biomedical Modeling, Inc., Boston, MA), Yasser Hosni (University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL), Howaida Elsaid (Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX), Giles W. Vick (Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX).


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