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Product Title: Performance Evaluation of IrDA Advanced Infrared Air-MAC Protocol

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Author: Vasileios Vitsas, Anthony Boucouvalas



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

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Performance evaluation results of the Advanced Infrared Medium Access Control (AIr MAC) layer are presented. AIr MAC implements Unreserved and Reserved data transfer modes. Reserved mode employs the Request To Send/Clear To Send (RTS/CTS) media access reservation scheme. A simulator for the AIr MAC layer is developed. The importance of the Collision Avoidance Slot (CAS) window size limits and adjustments, of the large CAS slot time and of the Physical layer Service Access Point (PSAP) primitives is explored in various network scenarios. Authors: Vasileios Vitsas, Anthony C. Boucouvalas, Bournemouth University, Poole, Dorset, UK.


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