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Product Title: Robust Implementation of Java Technology for Information Appliances...

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Author: Jon Hoskins



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

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Robustness (or reliability) is a major developer concern that has slowed the adoption of Java technology in information appliances. While PC users are accustomed to regular crashes and reboots, a single failure in the entire lifetime of an information appliance may be unacceptable. Even without an outright failure, vulnerabilities exist that can potentially render a system unusable (i.e. the risk of denial-of-service attacks because of Java technology's ability to download and execute unknown code on the fly). This paper reviews robustness requirements for information appliances and discusses how to design an implementation of Java technology to meet these requirements. Author: Jon Hoskin, Insignia Solutions, Woodburn Green, High Wycombe, UK.


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