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Product Title: Burn Threshold Studies for Superabrasive Grinding Using...

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Author: David J Stephenson, E Laine, I Johnstone, A Baldwin



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

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Grinding studies on Inco 718 nickel based superalloy have been undertaken using an Edgetek 5 axis superabrasive grinding machine and electroplated CBN wheels. A wide variety of grinding conditions has been studied covering a range of Q'(sub w) values and wheel speeds up to 150 m/s. For each condition both grinding power and force were measured and grinding burn detected, when present, by using visual examination and etching techniques. The specific grinding energy was correlated with a given set of grinding conditions using a burn threshold diagram. Authors: D. J. Stephenson, J. Corbett, E. Laine, I. Johnstone, A. Baldwin, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK.


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