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Product Title: Power Matching and Tuning Induction Heating Loads

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Author: William F Peschel



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

Page Count: 19

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This paper is a semi-technical presentation of the engineering fundamentals associated with setting up an induction heating coil and workload to obtain optimum power output from various power supply configurations. Both "series tuned" and "parallel tuned" induction heating loads are included in the presentation. In an attempt to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the process, a rudimentary "coil design" segment will compare the differences between high and low impedance induction heating coils and the effect of the heating frequency on the power matching requirement. The principles discussed are applicable to both "heat treating" and "forging" induction heating applications. Author: William F. Peschel, William Peschel Associates, Troy, MI.


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