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Product Title: Shoebox: A Digital Photo Management System

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Author: David Sinclair, Timothy J Mills, David Pye, Kenneth R Wood



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

Page Count: 8

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This paper reports recent work at AT&T to develop a system for the management of personal digital photograph collections. Shoebox, the resulting software package, provides a range of browsing and searching facilities, utilizing spoken annotations and image content to enable both semantically similar and visually similar images to be retrieved. We report on the design of the system, the construction of a test collection, and the evaluation of its searching facilities. The results show that audio annotation is an effective means of retrieval for photographs, which significantly outperforms image content-based techniques. Authors: Timothy J. Mills, David Pye, David Sinclair, Kenneth R. Wood, AT&T Laboratories, Cambridge Ltd., Cambridge, UK.


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