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Product Title: Voxel Modelling for Rapid Manufacturing

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Author: Phillip M Dickens, Ronaldo Mercado, Jonathan Blackledge



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

Page Count: 8

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This article is a literature survey on voxel modelling in general and an investigation of methods used to represent objects with variable material composition. Potentially these could be fabricated using Rapid Manufacturing. The paper explores relevant areas to the subject. Examples of materially graded objects created using Rapid Manufacturing technologies and graphical display techniques available for voxel modelling are reviewed and two public domain utilities for volume rendering are tested. Techniques that could be used to compress voxel based models are considered. It is concluded that current modelling of these objects lags behind the realization of objects in practice. Authors: Ronaldo Mercado, Jonathan Blackledge, Phillip Dickens, DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK.


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