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Product Title: Improved Thermal Process Control for Lead-free Assembly

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Author: Wayne Johnson, Roger Lugo, Seshu V Sattiraju, Greg Jones



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

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The purpose of this paper will be to establish that lead-free assemblies can be successfully soldered in a reduced process window, thus offering the potential to limit the impact of the recognized need for an increase in component thermal tolerances. The experiment will also utilize new profiling software that is capable of centering the product thermal profile precisely in the process window, given a sufficiently capable and flexible reflow oven. The application of this technology may provide an answer to one of the most critical problems raised by lead-free electronic assembly. Authors: Wayne Johnson (Auburn University, Auburn University, AL), Roger Lugo (Auburn University, Auburn University, AL), Seshu V. Sattiraju (Auburn University, Auburn University, AL), Greg Jones (KIC Thermal Profiling, San Diego, CA).


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