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Product Title: Critical Assessment of the TOFD Approach for Ultrasonic Weld...

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Author: A Erhard, E Schulz, G Brekow, H Wustenberg, P Kreier



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

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Weld inspection using ultrasonic pulse-echo techniques needs high skilled operators especially if geometrical indications must be taken into consideration. A clear separation between geometrical indications and defects like cracks must be guaranteed. This requirement needs sensitive techniques like the 45(deg) shear wave technique using the mirror effect. Since more than twenty years the Time Of Flight Diffraction technique (TOFD) is still under discussion for defect sizing. But on the other hand the potential of the TOFD technique for defect detection is described in technical papers of manufacturers. The main task of examinations carried out at BAM was the comparison about the detectability of surface breaking cracks between the common methods and the TOFD approach. Authors: A. Erhard, G. Brekow, E. Schulz, H. Wustenberg, P. Krier, Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und-pruefung (BAM), Berlin, Germany.


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