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Product Title: Lubrication in Tube Hydroforming (THF)

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Author: Taylan Altan FSME, Gracious Ngaile, Khaled Tibari, Vicenzo Federico



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Published Date: 2001-01-10

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Lubrication mechanisms and their effect on interface friction in tube hydroforming are discussed. Development of a practical lubrication test for the guiding zone that uses viscous material as pressure media is presented. Using this test, performance evaluations of several lubricants were conducted and ranking of these lubricant were obtained based on friction coefficient and surface quality of the specimens after the test. The experimental results have demonstrated that depending on the lubrication mechanisms exhibited at the interface the increase in interface pressure may result in reduction of friction. Authors: Gracious Ngaile, Khaled Tibari, Vicenzo Federico, Taylan Altan, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.


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