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Product Title: Contribution of CIRP to the Development of Metrology and Surface...

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Published Date: 2001-09-01

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An overview of the contribution of the members of the CIRP community to the progress of metrology and surface roughness quality evaluation is given. The following items are included in the part on metrology: brief overview of the existing situation before 1950, contribution to the successive definitions of the unit of length and related reference length standards, traceability, preliminary work to standardization, thermal effects, design and construction of precision machine tools and measuring machines, CMM, and large scale metrology. In the field of surface quality evaluation, the following items are reviewed: reference profiles and related definitions of parameters, filtering, surface and subsurface integrity, functional meaning of parameters, instrumentation, scanning probe microscopy, and 3D surface evaluation. A comprehensive list of references is provided. Author: J. Peters (PMA-KULeuven). Co-authors: J. B. Bryan (Pleasanton, CA), W. T. Estler (NIST, Gaithersburg, MD), C. Evans (Zygo Corp., Middlefield, CT), H. Kunzmann (PTB, Braunschweig, Germany), D. A. Lucca (Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK), S. Sartori (IMGC, Torino, Italy), H. Sato (Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan), E. G. Thwaite (CSIRO, Lindfield, Australia); P. Vanherck (PMA-KULeuven, Germany). CIRP 2001 paper.


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