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Product Title: Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide

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Author: John Allen, Charlie Robinson PE, David Stewart



Published By: SME

Copyright Year:

Published Date: 2001-09-01

Page Count: 495

Binding Type: Hard Cover

Product Type:   BOOK


ISBN: 978-0872635258   


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This book takes readers on a comprehensive, 'street-level' journey through the entire lean implementation process. It is an easy-to-digest reference of lean fundamentals and processes that are mission-critical to a successful lean transformation in any plant. The information in this book can be readily put to use on the plant floor. Specific chapters on mapping the value stream, policy deployment, the five-phase implementation process, and problem-solving crystallize concepts with a pragmatic approach. In addition, the brownfield implementation chapter is a must-read for anyone contemplating a lean changeover from traditional mass production.


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