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Product Title: Basic Machining Reference Handbook

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Author: Arthur R Meyers, Thomas Slattery



Published By: Industrial Press Inc

Copyright Year:

Published Date: 2001-01-01

Page Count: 308

Binding Type:

Product Type:   BOOK


ISBN: 978-0831131203   


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As a comprehensive and easy-to-use hands-on source, "Basic Machining Reference Handbook" is intended to serve as a memory jog for the experienced, as well as a reference for programmers and others who will not do the machining but do need to know exactly what's involved in performing a given machining step, a series of steps, or a complete job.

Remaining true to its original approach, the new second edition continues to present the principles of basic machining, while summarizing the major considerations involved. Logically organized, this time-tested reference starts with those machining steps that most often begin the machining process and moves through the basic machining operations. It is a must-have resource for experienced machinists, programmers, tooling, design and production engineers, and students.


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