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Product Title: Handbook of Laser Materials Processing

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Editor:  Mr John F Ready, Mr Dave F Farson


Published By: Laser Institute Of America

Copyright Year:

Published Date: 2000-05-01

Page Count: 715

Binding Type:

Product Type:   BOOK


ISBN: 978-0912035154   


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The LIA Handbook of Laser Materials Processing is a working reference source designed to help solve problems by providing extensive data on procedures, processes, equipment, processing systems, and processing results. The basic information about the various laser materials processing technologies presented here can help you determine:

  • Their potential effectiveness for your application.
  • Their capabilities and limitations.
  • Their requirements.
  • The numerical values for the laser parameters.
  • The numerical values for the processing results (i.e., penetration depth and processing rates for specified conditions of irradiation).

The handbook is broadly structured into three parts: 1. Lasers, optics, accessory instrumentation and laser safety. 2. Industrial laser processing. 3. Electronic and microelectronics processing.

Subjects covered include:

  • Choosing a laser
  • Selecting optics
  • Designing beam delivery systems
  • Estimating costs
  • Polarization effects
  • Process gases
  • Cutting surface treatments
  • Welding, brazing, soldering, drilling, marking and more

The users of this Handbook will include engineers in the manufacturing and electronics areas, materials scientists, optical scientists and physicists in industry and academic research. The handbook will prove indispensable to all who deal with materials process.


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