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Product Title: Practical TPM: Successful Equipment Management at Agilient Technologies

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Author: James Leflar



Published By: CRC Press

Copyright Year:

Published Date: 2001-01-01

Page Count: 384

Binding Type: Hard Cover

Product Type:   BOOK


ISBN: 978-1563272424   


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Agilent Technologies, formerly Hewlett-Packard's Test and Measurement Division, operates an integrated circuit fabrication plant in Fort Collins, Colorado. Guided by Masaji Taijiri, the author of 7 Steps to Autonomous Maintenance, author Jim Leflar and his team at Agilent developed a complete TPM program for the complex equipment on their shop floor. Drawn from these experiences, Practical TPM is a must read for anyone who wants to begin successful TPM implementation.

  • Part I explains the fundamental concepts of TPM, including the six basic principles of TPM, the goals of TPM, cultural changes resulting from TPM, and the keys to successful implementation.
  • Part II — the heart of the book — describes, in step-by-step detail, the evolution of Agilent's TPM program. Each phase is clearly defined and demonstrated; the working tools and systems developed by the Agilent TPM team in the process are discussed at length.
  • Part III focuses on developing a vision and a strategy for your own successful TPM program. Replete with annotated photographs and illustrations documenting Agilent's successful program, Practical TPM: Successful Equipment Management at Agilent Technologies offers an invaluable roadmap to TPM implementation.

The book covers:

  • A step-by-step TPM program as implemented at a major U.S. corporation
  • The five-why analysis method Examples of one-point lessons
  • Using visual controls in a TPM program
  • Tools for understanding equipment failures
  • Improving machine productivity
  • Improvement metrics
  • Master checklists and forms
  • Developing activity boards
  • Appendices containing examples of maintenance training materials


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