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Product Title: Fundamentals of Shop Operations Management

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Author: Daniel T Koenig PE



Published By: American Society of Mech Eng

Copyright Year:

Published Date: 2000-03-01

Page Count: 356

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Product Type:   BOOK


ISBN: 978-0872635166   


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For anyone in manufacturing operations, this book provides invaluable information on reducing costs, saving calendar time, improving safety and building morale in the factory.

Contents: An overview of work station dynamics, The Design Process, The Ins and outs of process instructions, Quality control at the workstation, Scheduling the workstation with manufacturing resources planning, Techniques for developing tools, jigs, and fixtures, Workstation configuration to perform the intended manufacturing operation, Raw materials and work-in-process inventory control in the factory, Workstation maintenance for optimum productivity, Creating an effective shop operations team, Implementing workstation dynamics, Glossary, Selected related readings, and index.


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