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Product Title: HSK Handbook

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Published By: Intelligent Concepts

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Published Date: 2000-03-01

Page Count: 275

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Product Type:   BOOK




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Modern manufacturing is demanding higher speeds and feeds, greater accuracy and faster tool changes than ever before to remain competitive and profitable. One solution in achieving this is HSK, a revoluntionary tooling system developed in Europe and spreading quickly throughout the U.S. It offers users the fastest possible material removal rates, highest accuracy, and rigidity. This book describes the basics of HSK, the history and reasons for its development. Learn how the HSK interface works, recommended loads, torque and RPM for each HSK shank, recommendations for the clamping force for all HSK shanks, material selection for HSK tooling, and troubleshooting of HSK applications. After studying this book, the reader will have a clear idea of the "physics" and the "philosophy" behind this revolutionary technology.


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