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Volunteer Leader Identification, Recruitment and Nomination Process

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The following outlines the process to be used by all SME members and staff when identifying and/or recruiting candidates as "potential volunteer leaders" for future leadership roles within the Society's structure. The goal of this effort is to create a watch list of the members who demonstrate abilities and interest in being considered as potential future volunteer leaders.

An SME volunteer leader watch-list candidate must:

  • Be an SME member in good standing who is recognized by the manufacturing community as a contributor to the social, technological and educational aspects of the profession.
  • Be formally nominated by an SME member or SME staff by submitting a completed SME Volunteer Leader Watch List Form (MS Excel). All nominators must submit a completed form with any letters of support and/or recommendation from sponsors as appropriate. Additional comments and pertinent information relative to the candidate's qualifications are welcome (see comments section on form).
  • Be notified by the nominator prior to the nomination being submitted to assure that the individual is aware and in agreement with having his/her name submitted as a candidate.

Potential candidates will be notified after their nominations are received and will have the option of removing his/her name at that time if they so choose. The notification will also explain that all candidates will be vetted once their name matches the criteria for a specific opening. Once a candidate has successfully moved through the vetting process, he/she will be approached to fill any open position(s).

Should a candidate be submitted multiple times, the database record will be updated with the additional information about the candidate and who is recommending them. Requests for candidate names need to be submitted by SME members and staff at large through their appropriate member and industry relations manager (MIRM) or member service staff person responsible for the project, technical community or geographic area where an opening or need is identified.

Any efforts to clarify candidate's qualifications, opportunity and openings issues, and the applicability of the candidate for the opening, will be the sole responsibility of SME's Membership Department. All communications between SME and the candidate will be held in strict confidence. In addition, notification and recognition of a watch-list candidate's successful placement in an appropriate opening will be the responsibility of the Membership Department and the Member Council's Communications Taskforce.