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SME Board of Directors Establishes SME's business policies and strategic direction. SME members interested in being considered for a seat on the Board may apply by submitting an application .

SME Member Council Formulates recommendations to the Board of Directors relative to SME membership recruitment, retention and engagement. SME members interested in being considered for a seat on the Member Council can click here to apply.

SME Membership Consultants — Lead communication between SME and local chapters, ensuring each chapter has tools for success. There are three types of membership consultants: senior, student and special-purpose.

Chapter Leaders — Consists of a chapter chair, chair-electsecretary and treasurer, who help motivate, organize, build enthusiasm and bring manufacturing together...locally. The chapter leaders oversee membership recruitment and retention endeavors, as well as coordinate the chapter's strategic planning efforts, helping guide the chapter through its short-term and long-term goals.


International Director/Member Council Nominating Committee — Identifies, evaluates and nominates candidates for the Member Council and the SME Board of Directors. Members interested in being considered for a seat on this committee can click here to apply.

International Awards & Recognition Committee — Administers SME's world-class awards and Fellows programs, which recognize individuals and companies for manufacturing excellence.

Certification Oversight & Appeals Committee — Oversees SME certifications and ensures they are continuously updated and improved to meet industry needs. The committee is also responsible for guiding the investigation and development of any new certifications under consideration.

The SME Volunteer Leader Toolkit is designed to help you be a more effective volunteer leader. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to contribute to this toolkit, please email