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The SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares and supports young people in their pursuit of advanced manufacturing career pathways. Through its scholarships and acclaimed PRIME® initiative, the Foundation fosters the next generation of manufacturing engineers and technologists. By helping to build a pipeline of skilled and STEM-capable workers, the SME Education Foundation is making an impact in securing our nation’s future competitiveness and economic prosperity.

The Foundation's Accomplishments

  • Invested $9 million in youth programs.
  • Invested $17.3 million in grants to 35 colleges and universities for the development of industry-driven curricula.
  • Provided more than $10.4 million in scholarships and $1.2 million in awards.
  • Provided more than $345 million in-kind gifts since 2007.
  • Inspired more than 60,000 students to explore a career in manufacturing.

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