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Managing a Paint Shop (eBook)

Focusing on the critical role of management Managing a Paint Shop: Fundamentals of Leadership and Organization discusses both the advances in technology and the increasing management demands required to support new painting technologie...

Product Type: eBooks

Gear Hobbing Shaping and Shaving (eBook)

Everyone involved in gear design and production will benefit from the practical guidelines in this book. Refer to it on-the-job for tips on process selection, process planning, cycle time formulas and calculations, speeds and feeds, and volume considerations. This book also includes many examples to make your process planning and cycle time estimating easier.

Product Type: eBooks

Low-Cost Jigs Fixtures, and Gages for Limited Production Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Low-Cost Jigs, Fixtures, and Gages for Limited Production Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Product Type: eBooks

Tool and Die Making Troubleshooter (eBook)

Conceived from years of problem solving, Tool and Die Making Troubleshooter is destined to be an indispensable guide for designing, constructing, and maintaining tools, dies, molds, and fixtures. The book contains hands-on information, valuable tooling tips, and procedural recommendations regarding the selection, processing, and use of materials.

Product Type: eBooks

Concurrent Engineering Design: Integrating the Best Practices for Process Improvement (eBook)

This book introduces concurrent engineering design to all parts of the organization. Concurrent Engineering Design crosses many traditional functional elements of a manufacturing organization. Because of its broad scope and impact, this book is intended for a wide group of audiences. The book, as a whole, is directed at management.

Product Type: eBooks

Factory Man (eBook)

Factory Man: How Jim Harbour Discovered Toyota's Quality and Productivity Methods and Helped the U.S. Auto Industry Get Competitive (eBook)

Product Type: eBooks

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean (eBook)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road reveals the most critical lessons learned over the authors' combined 30-plus years of exploring the lean highways. Lean leaders add value by changing things, moving them forward, and producing different results than the day before. To lead, you must go beyond creating a vision. You must develop the vehicle that will deliver it. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean is the vehicle that will help you move beyond the tools and take lean to a self-sustaining and continuously improving level.

Product Type: eBooks

Working with Polyethylene (eBook)

This booklet fully illustrated with diagrams and property charts, introduces the non-scientist to the mainstream world of polyethylene plastics manufacturing. This easy to read publication provides information on the polyethylene plastic family...

Product Type: eBooks

Getting Factory Automation Right (The First Time) (eBook)

Written largely for project managers charged with bringing automation into an existing facility this comprehensive work takes readers through the countless steps of evaluating whether automation is needed, ways to plan the project, assembling t...

Product Type: eBooks

Progressive Dies: Principles and Practices of Design and Construction (eBook)

Discover new technologies presented within the context of classic diemaking fundamentals. Progressive Dies is your collective source for improving current designs or learning how to take advantage of progressive die efficiency and cost reduction. Among the topics covered are: die material selection and properties, developing progression stages, grinding, EDM and wire-cut EDM operations, die and strip layout manufacture, and die protection systems and electronic sensors.

Product Type: eBooks