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Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program

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The Additive Manufacturing Leadership Initiative (AMLI) completed a comprehensive revision to the Additive Manufacturing Body of Knowledge. For purposes of this certificate, the 2013 Body of Knowledge continues to be used at this time.
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Take the Exam Online  

No longer do you have to wait for an exam to be in a convenient location. Now, the online exam can be taken from a remote location using any Windows-based or Apple computer (laptop and iPad included) with Internet access. New this fall, SME allows individuals or groups to take the exam anywhere, anytime. Candidates are required to secure an exam proctor, receive approval from SME, and then take the exam from anywhere they choose. Contact certification for details or check out our FAQ page

SME, in cooperation with the Milwaukee School of Engineering and America Makes, has established a team of advisors  who have strategically defined the additive manufacturing body of knowledge. This body of knowledge will serve as the basis for the Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program, which includes a review course and an exam.

Learn more about the program:

Those with engineering, management or tech degree working in additive manufacturing for years, and having a broad scope of foundational knowledge, will want to take the exam.

Why Take the Exam? What Are the Benefits?

There is a high interest in additive manufacturing technologies. Those who can validate their knowledge in the field will be highly regarded and valued. Earn the certificate to:

  • Upgrade your knowledge and stay current with industry standards.
  • Gain leadership recognition within your company.
  • Gain a sense of achievement, to become part of an elite group of individuals.
  • Obtain a portable career credential that you can take with you from job to job.
  • Validate your experience within the additive manufacturing field.
What Are the Program Components?
The review course will include instruction on foundational additive manufacturing principles and will be supported by observation of additive manufacturing applications in action. Course attendees will participate in practice exercises that incorporate concepts and applications from the lecture and lab. The Additive Manufacturing Certificate serves as verifiable proof of your foundational knowledge by successfully completing an exam. The exam is built upon the body of knowledge . While the review course is recommended for exam candidates, it is not required to sit the exam. Future certificate exams will be developed for additive manufacturing users focused on design, manufacturing, enterprise and research/education.
  • The certificate has been developed to test foundational knowledge not competency.
  • The breadth of knowledge needed is vast, based on the depth of the industry.
  • Not all examinee may pass.
  • It is required that examinees have both knowledge and expertise with multiple materials, processes and equipment.
  • Expectations are that examinees will have knowledge of:
    • Sand casting.
    • Computer-aided design.
    • Investment casting.
    • Direct tooling.
    • Surface finishes.
    • Master patterns.
    • Sheet metal manufacturing.
    • Paper pulp forming.
    • And more…

It is strongly advised that all potential examinees take the pretest to determine readiness.

How Do I Participate?
To prepare for the review course and exam, attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the list of Additive Manufacturing Certificate Recommended Reference Materials as more than 50 percent of the exam will map back to these resources. It is up to the individual whether or not they purchase publications listed or reference the websites while studying.


Pricing Information
  • Additive Manufacturing Certificate Review Course: $249 nonmember
  • Additive Manufacturing Certificate Exam: $159 nonmember
  • Additive Manufacturing Certificate Review Course AND Exam: $379 nonmember (save $29!)
Registration can be accessed from each location listing. SME members will receive a discount on the registration form. The registration for the Review Course AND Exam closes one week prior to exam date. Due to test processing, SME cannot accept registrations AFTER this date.
Review Course & CERTIFICATE EXAM Details
  • Course will be taught to the exam.
  • Supplemental instruction will occur in either in a lab or on the exhibit floor.
  • Transportation provided to/from lab, if applicable. 
  • Familiarity with the Additive Manufacturing Certificate Recommended Reference Materials is the responsibility of the attendee, more than 50 percent of the exam will map back to these resources. It is up to the individual whether or not they purchase publications listed or reference the websites while studying.
  • Start times vary by location (see individual location listing for times).
  • Exam will be administered online and will be proctored. 
  • Attendees must bring their own laptop (exam will work on Windows, Mac and iPad operating systems; please make sure your device is fully charged prior arrival for the exam).
  • Internet access will only be available for taking the exam; all other access will be blocked to preserve exam integrity.
  • Individuals who pass the exam will receive their certificate via mail.

Email certification if you have questions about the Additive Manufacturing Certificate program.


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