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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Webinars

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Intro to RFID Webinar 9-17-14 Title: RFID in Manufacturing
Presenter: Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Marketing Manager for Industrial Identification, Balluff Inc.
Synopsis: While RFID is not a new technology, it has recently become the buzz around the globe. From asset tracking to work-in-process, RFID provides instant visibility to organizations, which require actionable data to make critical business decisions. Attendees are introduced to the basic physics of RFID and its variations, some best practices and an overview of applications that are replicated with success and ones that tend to present challenges. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES 
RFID 1 Title: Using RFID to Drive Operational Efficiencies Presenter: Toby Rush, Rush Tracking Systems
Synopsis: This webinar gives an overview of Rush Tracking and its operation, as well as an RFID industry update. Participants will also receive in-depth information on the value of RFID and an outline on key insights and indicators on the RFID industry itself.
RFID 2 Title: RFID for Composites
Presenter: Tim J. Shinbara Jr., Northrop Grumman Corp.
Synopsis: See why, where and how aerospace companies are looking to move toward a radio frequency based, network-centric environment. This webinar also discusses areas of supplier integration and strategic planning for future deployments, including challenges and lessons learned.