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Toyota is in the Tank, Using Metrology for a Competitive Advantage, Speaking Up About Auto Quality







September 2014








Toyota Gets OK to Build, Inspect Hydrogen Tanks
Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has given approval to Toyota to self-inspect and manufacture high-pressure hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles. Toyota is the first company to be registered as a manufacturer of such tanks.



Forward Thinking 3D Measurement for Quantifiable Process Improvement


Capture 3D Innovation Conference 2014 - Hear from Alcoa, GE Power and Water, Honeywell,  Military, Motorola, Solar Turbines, SRAM, Toyota and others on how they have progressed their manufacturing with non-contact 3D measurement.  The conference will be held at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, California on October 14-16, 2014.  Registration includes guest speakers, management and quality tracks, 3D solutions expo, meals, and evening events.  Call us at 714-546-7278, or visit us on the web at www.capture3d.com.
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Using Metrology for a Competitive Advantage
In the Quality Scan column of the September issue of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, Hexagon Metrology’s Jeff Freeman reveals how investing in measurement technology can provide a competitive advantage.








Trends in Multisensor Measurement


Tactile and optical measurement techniques each have their strengths, and there are certainly measurement tasks that require only one of the two. But in many cases, because the two methods complement one another, the combination can yield better data than either alone. In some specialized cases a third technology, either laser or “white light,” can be added. Read more.
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NHTSA's Online Recall Research
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an online search tool the public can use to learn if a vehicle is involved in a recall. Consumers can see if their vehicle is affected by entering their Vehicle Identification Number.



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Speaking Up About Auto Quality
The Automotive Manufacturing Supplier Quality Assurance Conference is looking for speakers to address the gathering that will take place December 11–12 in Detroit. The event will bring together quality experts from component suppliers and OEMs.



SparkMVP – New High Performance Measuring System


SparkMVP is a high performance, automatic dimensional measurement system for manufacturing quality control. SparkMVP excels at measuring fine features, and provides complete part measurements using advanced optics, illumination and optional through-the-lens (TTL) laser. SparkMVP’s fixed lens optical system provides a constant working clearance and no offset between the laser and optics, reducing stage motion and providing overall faster measurements. Selectable magnification lenses allow SparkMVP to be configured for specific magnification and field-of-view sizes, allowing you to choose the optimal setup for your measurement application. http://ramoptical.com/media/documents/pdf/SparkMVP.pdf
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Interpreting the Language of GD&T in Metrology


With more outsourcing and complex supply chains, defining and communicating the design intent of parts through Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is becoming even more important.



How do Machine Tool Vendors Sell More Hardware? – White Paper Download


The Machine Tool Vendor’s Dilemma outlines the challenges software represents to the machine tool vendor. Today’s customers expect applications to come along with the equipment and software can sometimes introduce technical challenges; however, software can significantly help grow sales by enabling unique functionality that provides true differentiation. With the revenue growth potential and the software challenges, product managers responsible for overseeing the complete software and equipment solutions, are presented with an interesting dilemma. Click Here to Learn More and Download.
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