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October 2014








Jim Harbour on How to Run a Factory
Quality guru Jim Harbour passed away last month. In his memory we offer this excerpt from his 2009 book, Factory Man, containing timeless advice for manufacturers.



Fuji Machine Totally Reinvents Modular Machining with the Fast and Efficient DLFn


The DLFn’s completely innovative approach to flexible line configuration allows for easy addition or changeover of modules for extreme efficiency. Modules include turning, measuring, drilling, deburring, parts cleaning and others. The DLFn’s internal work handling units allow for fully automatic line configurations. The all new DLFn offers an improved takt time over other lines, and a footprint less than half the space of a conventional machining line. See the DLFn in action on our website at www.fujimachine.com/dlfn.asp
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Germany Finds Flaw in Jet Fighter Fuselage


The German military says holes drilled in the fuselage of the Eurofighter were improperly sanded during manufacture. The planes’ makers are now assessing the impact and implications of the defect.






Trends in Multisensor Measurement


Tactile and optical measurement techniques each have their strengths, and there are certainly measurement tasks that require only one of the two. But in many cases, because the two methods complement one another, the combination can yield better data than either alone. In some specialized cases a third technology, either laser or “white light,” can be added. Read more.
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The Benefits of In-Process Air Gaging
Writing in Manufacturing Engineering, Chris Koehn of Stotz Air Gaging explains how the technology can raise quality standards, lead to tighter tolerances, and contribute to a leaner operation.



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Plan to Halt Drug Shortages at Hand
This week the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering will release a plan intended to prevent drug shortages by identifying root causes of supply disruptions and creating a quality culture that will ensure a reliable supply of medications.








Get Leaner With Bluebeam® Revu®


From design to fabrication, Bluebeam® Revu® provides manufacturing firms with 2D and 3D PDF-based workflow solutions that improve project communication and productivity. Bluebeam Revu combines the power of CAD to PDF conversion technology with easy-to-use markup tools to streamline communication and reduce paper usage and costs. Learn how Bluebeam Revu speeds up the design review process and increases manufacturing efficiency. Download a 30-day trial of Bluebeam Revu at http://www.bluebeam.com/Streamline.
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Covering Your “Six”
Over 18,000 individual technical papers make SME’s collection of manufacturing knowledge the largest of its kind. More than 15 of these directly deal with Six Sigma. Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe touches on some of these papers.



Make the Move to a CMM


The ROMER Absolute Arm 1.2 m portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) uses industry-proven technology to provide high-accuracy 3D measurement in a 1.2 m volume. Ideal for use within confined spaces, including inside a machining center for dimensional control of molds, parts, tooling, castings, and more. The ROMER Absolute Arm 1.2 m streamlines the measurement process as a viable alternative to a range of manual tools such as height gages, dial calipers, bore gages, gage blocks, micrometers and dial indicators. Hexagon Metrology, Inc. 855.443.9638 Hexagonmetrology.us
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Recalls of Medical Devices Drop in Q2
In the second quarter of 2014 recalls of medical devices hit a two-year low, according to a report from Stericycle. Specifically, there were 17% fewer recalls covering 47% fewer units compared to the same period in the previous year.








c-vision™ Video Contour Projector® – The Best of Both Worlds


c-vision™ brings you the best of both worlds, combining the speed an accuracy of a video measurement system with the rugged capacity of an optical comparator to create the world's best shop-floor measuring tool.

c-vision's dual magnification and telecentric optics offer the convenience of a 3-inch field of view and the precision of digital-optical zoom, allowing you to measure both large parts and small features with ease. www.certifiedcomparator.com/c-vision.php
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GM Pulls Over Chevy Police Cars


In its 75th recall of 2014, GM is asking public safety agencies to return about 7600 Chevy Caprice police models for repair. GM has recalled more than 30 million vehicles so far this year.



See what electropolishing can do for your metal parts


Since 1954, Able Electropolishing has been refining its technology to improve the fit and function of metal parts. No matter your part's size or the industry you work in, our electropolishing process gives you a unique combination of benefits you won't find with other metal treatments. 

Visit our website to download a copy of our free technical guide to learn more
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Ford Recalls Mount, Too


While Ford hasn’t recalled as many vehicles in 2014 as GM, it has had its share. Earlier this year the company recalled about 1.1 million vehicles for power steering failures. Now NHTSA is investigating the same problem on another 938,000 cars.






Complimentary Invitation to International TOSM & Smart Mobility Business Meetings 2014 in Turin, Italy


The Italian Trade Agency (I.T.A.) is inviting qualified companies a complimentary opportunity to attend the International TOSM & Smart Mobility Business Meetings on November 12 &13, 2014, in Turin Italy, within Smart Mobility World, the European reference event for the mobility of the XXI century. The event offers a B2B agenda with Italian and International Buyers, characteristics and technologies concerning the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Smart Mobility, and Solutions for local public transport and regional railways, green vehicles, telematics and infrastructures, and technologies for parking. Qualified companies will have their travel expenses covered by us. Visit our website www.smartmobilityturin.weebly.com for details. Deadline for interested US companies is October 17, 2014.
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