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November 2014





Honda Execs See Pay Cut Over Poor Quality


Honda Motor Co. has cut the pay of its president and 12 other executives in the wake of the announcement of the fifth recall of its Fit hybrid model.






Trends in Multisensor Measurement


Tactile and optical measurement techniques each have their strengths, and there are certainly measurement tasks that require only one of the two. But in many cases, because the two methods complement one another, the combination can yield better data than either alone. In some specialized cases a third technology, either laser or “white light,” can be added. Read more.
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Chrysler Loses Betts Over Reliability Issues
The price to be paid for poor quality seems to be higher at Fiat Chrysler than at Honda. A day after Consumer Reports said the automaker ranked last in vehicle reliability, Doug Betts, Chrysler's VP of quality, parted ways with the company.



QVI® SNAP™ – The New Way to Measure Small Parts


SNAP is the new way to measure small parts. SNAP’s large-field-of-view technology allows it to verify critical dimensions for a wide variety of parts while its telecentric optics ensure that parts will measure the same size anywhere within the depth of field. With SNAP, staging parts is simple, calibration is automatic, and complete measurements are made at the push of single button. www.ramoptical.com/snap
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Not Just for Doctors Anymore
Writing in the November issue of Manufacturing Engineering, Andy Woodward, president of Wenzel America Ltd, reveals how CT scans can be a boon to manufacturing by allowing a look into a part with absolute accuracy.








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Shedding Light on Plastic Part Inspection
Inspecting plastic parts can be easy—but not always. According to machine vision trade group AIA, searching for hidden defects indicative of internal stresses requires special lighting and image-acquisition techniques.
Benchmarking your Quality Maturity: Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center


In order for an organization to achieve the shift from quality management as a cost center to profit center, it's important to have a strong grasp on your organization's maturity in the different quality management resources.  To help organizations understand their current state and plan for the journey to true operational excellence, LNS Research will discuss their landmark quality management research study of over 1,000 manufacturing organizations to identify best practices in organizational change, business process redesign, and technology evaluation based on a comprehensive maturity model to illustrate what constitutes current state vs. market leading.
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Quality Suffers as OEMs Put Pressure on Costs
IHS Automotive's annual Global OEM-Supplier Relations Study cites cost reduction as the key factor behind the deterioration of relations between automakers and suppliers globally in 2014.








High-speed laser tracker offers superior portability and ease-of-use


The all-new Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 meets industry demand with an ultracompact footprint for maximum mobility on the factory floor. The AT960 combines PowerLock, high-speed dynamics and 6DoF capabilities into the most advanced Leica laser tracker to date. With a complete range of laser tracker accessories built in, the AT960 measures instantly with a Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan, Leica T-Mac or reflector right out of the box. The entire system including controller and cables fits into a standard check luggage-sized portable case. Hexagon Metrology, Inc. 855.4.HEXMET
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What Goes Around Comes Around


Hi-tech wheel maker Bouwmeester Composites (Adelaide, Australia) has transferred manufacturing from Taiwan to Australia in order to retain control of the research, design, quality and processes of its breakthrough products.
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