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Delayed Recall = Life in Prison?, Everyone Owns Continuous Improvement, ASTM Proposes Standard for AM Metals







August 2014





Senator: Hard Time for Botched Recalls
US Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is calling for much stiffer penalties for auto executives and companies that delay recalls. Penalties would run from five years in prison to as much as a life sentence.








Trends in Multisensor Measurement


Tactile and optical measurement techniques each have their strengths, and there are certainly measurement tasks that require only one of the two. But in many cases, because the two methods complement one another, the combination can yield better data than either alone. In some specialized cases a third technology, either laser or "white light," can be added. Read more.
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Continuous Improvement: Whose Job Is It?
As Dr. W. Edwards Demmings said, put everybody in the company to work to improve operations across the board. Why? Because the transformation is everybody's job.



Cool the cutting zone.


Produce higher quality grooves and increase productivity with through-coolant tools. The versatile S100 grooving and parting-off system with through-coolant port supplies fluid directly to the cutting zone ensuring optimal cutting conditions. The nozzle shape guarantees a targeted jet of coolant that aids in chip formation, evacuation and reduces tool wear. Visit Horn USA during IMTS 2014 at booth W-1722.
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Holding Fast by Design


Including the fastener supplier early in the design process could help reduce manufacturing costs, speed the fabrication process, and improve product durability.








SparkMVP – New High Performance Measuring System


SparkMVP is a high performance, automatic dimensional measurement system for manufacturing quality control. SparkMVP excels at measuring fine features, and provides complete part measurements using advanced optics, illumination and optional through-the-lens (TTL) laser. SparkMVP's fixed lens optical system provides a constant working clearance and no offset between the laser and optics, reducing stage motion and providing overall faster measurements. Selectable magnification lenses allow SparkMVP to be configured for specific magnification and field-of-view sizes, allowing you to choose the optimal setup for your measurement application. http://ramoptical.com/media/documents/pdf/SparkMVP.pdf
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Learning about Measurement Automation Trends
Scott Everling, a senior consultant from Hexagon Metrology's Custom Solutions Group, will expound on "Measurement Systems to Optimize Automation Processes," on Tuesday, September 9, from 1:15 p.m. - 2:10 p.m. in Room W-195, West Building, at IMTS in Chicago.





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Additive Manufacturing Online Process Monitoring
With the Melt Pool Monitoring concept, EOS is developing a high-performance online monitoring solution in cooperation with plasmo Industrietechnik, a global high-tech supplier of automated quality assurance systems.



Take Productivity to the Next Level


With 15 new products on display at IMTS, Hexagon Metrology is sure to have a solution that saves you time and money, increases efficiency and lowers production costs. From shop-floor and bridge coordinate measuring machines and portable measuring arms to laser trackers and white light systems, we provide actionable measurement information throughout the complete life cycle of a product. Visit Hexagon Metrology at IMTS in booth E-5202. Hexagon Metrology, Inc. www.hexagonmetrology.us
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Now is the Time to Plan for Obsolescence
Frank Powell, Marposs Corp. Grinding Products manager, advises that the shiny new machine you just bought won't last forever, so you need to start planning now to avoid unpleasant surprises tomorrow, such as a lack of replacement parts.








Come together. Leave informed.


Where else can you meet the minds that are moving manufacturing forward? Nowhere but IMTS 2014. With a focus on success through cooperation, the week will be filled with technology, education, and ideas that we can all benefit from. It's happening September 8–13 at McCormick Place Chicago. So come together and leave connected. Your last chance to register is at IMTS.com.
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GM Missed Red Flag on Ignition Defect
According to Bloomberg.com, long before GM began its ignition switch recalls, a Vanguard Car Rental investigator contacted the automaker about a fatal crash because he felt GM should "open a claim and inspect this vehicle for possible defects."


Machines Italia: Volume IX Now Available for Download


Machines Italia, a project by the Italian Trade Agency conducted in partnership with Italy's FEDERMACCHINE, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, and serves as your NAFTA direct link to over 10,000 Italian manufacturing solutions providers from every capital good industry. When you're looking for the competitive advantage that comes with innovative technologies, take a closer look at Italian-made industrial equipment.

Explore this edition of Machines Italia and see for yourself how advanced manufacturing technologies from Italian solution providers are helping to fuel a new era in manufacturing. Click here to access the digital edition.
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ASTM Developing Standard for AM Metals
A proposed ASTM standard, WK46188, Practice for Metal Powder Bed Fusion to Meet Rigid Quality Requirements, describes the operation and production control of powder bed fusion machines and processes to meet rigid quality standards.





The Machining Center Selection Process – Why Your Next VMC Should Be an HMC


What are set-ups, changeovers, and work-in-process costing you in downtime and quality? Worried about flexibility and floor space? Have you explored ALL the processing options for your complex parts? This session explores how you can use a horizontal machining center to improve quality, reduce changeovers and set-ups, and increase your shop's flexibility while maximizing floor space. Discover the types of parts that can best be produced on a horizontal machining center, even for low-quantity runs. Think outside the vertical "box" and learn how efficient, effective, and productive an HMC can be. Click Here to Register for this Live Webinar.
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Can the ROI on QMS Be Measured?
Every provider of electronic quality management systems claims its product will provide a significant ROI. But can this ROI be truly measured? To find out, MasterControl recently surveyed customers.
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