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Online Training:

“Over the past 3 years, Tooling U has probably saved us millions of dollars for training with their 24/7 online approach. For any company in the manufacturing business, this should be a primary stop for al your training needs.”

Jerry Kaminski, CPT, SPHR
Senior Training Coordinator
American Axle & Manufacturing

Lean Certification:

"The Lean Certification Program added just the right ingredient, helping to distinguish myself from the crowd. As a result, my career has been fast-tracked to a management position with full P&L responsibility in a multinational corporation. All of the Lean programs executed under my leadership were positively impacted by cutting lead times and quality costs by up to 50%, increasing productivity up to 40% and reducing inventories by as much as 50%. My team is focused on our Lean efforts, reaching beyond the shop floor to other functions of the business for better stability of processes and sustainability of improvements."

Marian Lemne, LSC
Plant Manager
Surface Systems

"I recently earned my LBC and plan to continue my Lean journey by earning my LSC. I found the portfolio process to be pretty straightforward and the example on the website to be very helpful. A great resource for me were fellow colleagues at my company who also are working on their LBC. Going through the journey feeds my hunger for Lean knowledge and my goals for a fulfilling and successful career."

Julie Kochert, LBC
Industrial Engineer/Haldex Way Site Coordinator

"Attaining the Gold-level certification has allowed me to deepen my understanding of lean principles and I have been able to bring that learning to other companies that I work with. In a direct-line management role, I often reflect on what I have learned through the certification process and how I can improve the development of our employees to help them to grow in their own lean journeys. My lean credential sets a good example for the people who work for me; they have now all attained bronze certification. And, I can think of several people who have taken time to contact me after they received their bronze certification because they wanted me to know they appreciated my help and support."

Pat Wardwell, LGC
Chief Operating Officer
Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership

Onsite Training:

“We were extremely satisfied with training and service received from SME. The trainer that provided on-site training did an excellent job customizing the presentation to our products. This added a tremendous amount of value to the training. SME was accommodating and conscientious of or needs. We will be utilizing SME for our future training needs.”

Laura Boyne, SPHR
Human Resource Manager
Bumper and Trim Division