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AeroDef Poster Competition 
2017 AeroDef Poster Challenge Winners from left to right: Second runner-up Patrick Heaney, PhD, NCD Technologies;
first runner-up Anagh Deshpande, Arizona State University; Hong-Chao Zhang, PhD, PE, Texas Tech University,
chair of AeroDef Poster Challenge Advisors; and Jarod Weber, Georgia Tech, overall winner.



“Embedded Capacitance Sensing Array for Insitu Structure Health Monitoring of Composite Joining and Repair”
Jarod Weber, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology  

First Runner-Up

“Direct Acoustic Energy Deposition – Toward Solid Metal Rapid Manufacturing at Room Temperature with In-Process Microstructure Control”
Anagh Deshpande, Arizona State University  

Second Runner-Up

“Optimizing Diamond and Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings for New Applications”
Patrick Heaney, PhD, NCD Technologies