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Outcome Assessments


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Outcome Assessments for Educators

Companies today are looking for problem solvers that can help identify and eliminate waste and cost in their day-to-day operations.

Providing your students with the opportunity to establish their knowledge of Lean, while taking your course, gives them an edge in the workforce and gives your program added strength.

You incorporate the Lean Outcome Assessment program into your curriculum by having your students take the Lean Bronze Certification exam.

Your Benefits:

  • Better understanding of knowledge transfer from you to your classroom
  • Identify strength and deficiencies within your curriculum
  • Establish trends over time to easily identify how curriculum changes directly effect the exam's outcome


Benefits to students who pass the Lean Bronze Certification exam:

  • Earn a LEAN KNOWLEDGE CERTIFICATE — a great resume builder!
  • Start building a foundation of Lean
  • Bring Lean value to their new job on the very first day
  • Set apart from the crowd as having the fundamentals of Lean


Contact the Certification team (313.425.3000) to learn more about incorporating the Lean Outcome Assessment tool into your curriculum.

Lean Bronze Certification Exam (only)

Demonstrates solid understanding of basic lean principles and tools, and the ability in tactical implementation to drive improvement and show measurable results. Taking this exam is the first step for students who may choose to complete the full Lean Bronze Certification. Completion time is approximately three years.


Lean Online Review Program (LORP)

The Lean online review program consists of 8 online courses that help candidates prepare for the Lean Bronze Certification exam. Candidates can focus their study efforts on the breadth of Body of Knowledge topics that they may be tested on as part of the exam. This is not intended to be used as Lean training, but can be added resource to helping your students study and provide you a guideline for lessons.