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Competency Model

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers analyzed the roles of both a Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) and Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE). This competency model (PDF) will help identify what knowledge, skills, and abilities one should have to achieve these certifications. This is a helpful tool to help gain an understanding of each certification and to see if this is a good fit for you in your role.

To create this model a committee of content experts in engineering and manufacturing roles who also carry CMfgT and CMfgE credentials used the body of knowledge to identify specific roles for each program.

  • Mathematics, Applied & Engineering Sciences, & Materials
  • Product/Process Design & Development
  • Manufacturing Process Applications & Operation
  • Production System and Equipment Design/Development
  • Automated Systems and Control
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Personal Effectiveness

NEW! Certified Manufacturing Technologist Online Review Program – Launched January 2012

Review with the CMfgT Online Course: The CMfgT online course is comprised of 56 classes mapped to the body of knowledge of the actual CMfgT exam. Candidates can dig deep and focus on any area they feel more knowledge is needed. Whether a few or all 56 classes, students can pace their study for added results. With courses revamped on a continuous basis, candidate are assured of having course work that maps right back to the BOK aiding in preparation for the exam and as a workforce development tool.
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With the ToolingU online LMS system, candidates are engaged with audio, video, and interactive exercises for sustained involvement. Intuitive with an easy-to navigate interface, candidates can access content and practice anytime, 24/7 wherever there is Internet connection.

Key benefits:

  • Candidates gain practice with types of questions on the CMfgT exam
  • Candidates assess areas of BOK where more study is needed
  • Candidates gain confidence with multiple practice opportunities
  • Organizations gain assurance employees meet uniform industry standards
  • Organizations provide employees an easy-to-use resource at work or home
  • Organizations can partner with an industry-driven certification body