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Nanotechnology Webinars

Carbon Nanotubes (5-30-12 Webinar)

Title: What Engineers Need to Know about Nano Business, Carbon Nanotubes, AFM and Dip Pen Nanolithography 
Presenter: Carl A. Hultman, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, Gannon University
Synopsis: This informative webinar to learn how nanotechnology is bringing on the next worldwide industrial revolution. Therefore, to survive the “creative destruction” resulting from this revolution engineers, scientists and business owners need to understand nanotechnology. This webinar will give an overview of the impact nanotechnology will have on business and careers. It will also discuss carbon nanotubes (CNT) as an example of the unique behavior of nanoparticles. There will also be discussion of one of the basic instruments (atomic force microscope), which is used when working with nanotechnology. Seeing that whole new fabrication methods will be used with nanotechnology, dip pen nanolithography will be covered as an example of one of the fabrication techniques.

NGC-Nano 2-07-12 Title: The Silent Industrial Revolution: Additive Layer Manufacturing and its Transition into Nanomanufacturing
Presenter: Boris Fritz, Engineer Senior Technical Specialist, Northrop Grumman Corporation Air Combat Systems
Synopsis: Learn more about the rapidly changing, relatively new field of 3-D printing/rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing and how it is being used at Northrop Grumman. You'll learn about some of NGC's in-house equipment and how it is used for tooling, assembly fit checks, unique applications and first-flight articles. You'll also find out about the remarkable future of this technology and its transition into manomanufacturing. You've heard about nanotechnology, but here's your chance to learn a unique approach to this technology from an additive manufacturing perspective that you won’t find in books, or anywhere else for that matter!

Title: MicroManufacturing: Getting Even Smaller
Presenter: Rhett Mayor, PhD, Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Synopsis: What is micromanufacturing and how is it used? With applications in nearly every manufacturing area, understanding how micromanufacturing is different from traditional manufacturing can make all the difference. This program will focus on the challenges in several areas including micro machining, micro molding, micro workholding, micro forming, and micro metrology.


Title: Practical Application of Nanomaterials Enabled Through Bulk Materials NanoTechnology 
Presenter: D.J. Branagan, PhD, Chief Technical Officer, The NanoSteel Co. Inc.
Synopsis: Hear how utilizing solid-solid state transformations can be an enabling and robust approach toward developing nanoscale structures in industrial products. Two enabling routes to achieve nanoscale structures will be focused on involving either glass devitrification transformations to form devitrified nanocomposite microstructures or spinodal decomposition to form spinodal glass-matrix microconstituent (SGMM) structures. The bulk naterials nanotechnology (BMN) approach will be showcased as an enabling platform technology to solve compelling problems in challenging industrial environments.

Nanodiamonds Title: Integration of Nanodiamonds into Current Technologies 
Presenter: Benjamin Legum, Assistant Professor, Center for Applied Research & Intellectual Property Development, Clarion University
Synopsis: This webinar discusses the integration of nanodiamonds in current technologies. Nanodiamonds demonstrate significant heat transfer and conductivity capabilities. Preliminary data suggests that the addition of nanodiamonds to motor oil dissipates heat more efficiently, resulting in lower engine temperatures, increased fuel efficiency by approximately 4 percent and prolonged oil life by at least four–fold. Current sponsored projects for nanodiamonds include sintered coatings, alloys, hardening agents, dendrimers for drug delivery, nanodiamond–modified biodegradable and bioinert scaffolds, water purification, heat transfer fluids and alloys. Military applications include lighter and harder armor, plating techniques, oil additives and dry lubricants.
Nano Tooling U Title: Knee High by the 4th of July 
Presenter: Wesley Starr, Director, Open Space Consultants, and Dan R. Pruitt, Strategic Accounts-Eastern United States, Tooling U
Synopsis: Survey data from several sources to show growth in the field, commercialization and skills requirements is shared. Participants gain insight into what is currently produced and some of the applications engineering problems encountered. The webinar will also preview the research being performed at various labs and perhaps catch an old tune on tomorrow's nanoradio. In addition, it gives a brief overview of Tooling U and its benefits.
Lung Title: Nanoparticles and the Lungs 
Presenter: Akira Tsuda, PhD, Harvard School of Public Health
Synopsis: This webinar tracks the fate of nanoparticles from air to blood. It includes deposition, clearance, epithelium-particle interaction and translocation.
Breakthrough Title: Breakthrough Nanotechnology Companies 
Presenter: David Keenan, President, Small Technology Consulting
Synopsis: More than 2,500 products based on nanotechnology have made it to the market. Which companies have the breakthroughs to drive forward during the recovery? This webinar will highlight several examples you may not be aware of.
Diploma Title: Nanotechnology Systems Diploma Programming for Technologists 
Presenter: David Carpenter, PhD, Dean, School of Electrical and Electronics Technology, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Synopsis: Are you interested in nanotechnology education and training programs for your company, university, state or country? The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has introduced a diploma program in nanotechnology moving students though micro/nano electronics, silicon wafer technology and applications development for Lab on a Chip and genetic analysis. Alberta expects to participate in the growth of the world market for nanotechnology-based products and have many employment opportunities for trained technicians. This anticipation has attracted sufficient funding to support a fully certified program. This presentation answers the following questions: What does it take to pull together a qualified nanotechnology training program? What materials should students be reading? What hands-on training should be provided? How long does it take to launch a program? Who is asking for degree programs?
Nanoparticles Title: Large-Scale Engineered Synthesis of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles 
Presenter: Teyeb Ould Ely, PhD, Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, University of California, Santa Barbara
Synopsis: This webinar outlined recent nanomanufacturing protocol of BaTiO3 nanopowders utilizing a bio-inspired process that first was developed on a much smaller scale (0.1-1g). It also highlighted some applications of BaTiO3, especially for energy and sensing. Finally, the webinar addressed how manufacturing systems inside living cells (of sponges) can be replicated and translated into a process that is wholly controlled by chemical physics of vapor diffusion and catalytic hydrolysis. The advantages and limitations were discussed as well.
Nano Work Force Title: Nanotechnology Workforce Requirements in Germany 
Presenter: Uwe Schumann, isw Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development
Synopsis: A recent survey was conducted on nanotech enterprises in Germany. During this webinar, the survey results will be outlined for participants, particularly the specific characteristics and preferences of the German nanotech companies; further training requirements, differentiated between the target groups academics and skilled workers; and staff requirements forecast by 2013.
Research Title: 2009 Study of Nanotechnology Commercialization Trends in the U.S. Manufacturing Industry 
Presenter: Manish Mehta, PhD, Executive Director (Industry Forums), National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
Synopsis: This webinar presents preliminary findings that will enable industry stakeholders to readily identify and assess strategic issues, and thereby track the evolution patterns as well as challenges associated with transitioning from nanotechnology research into commercial product. Using the methodology of a 20-screen online survey, NCMS polled a broad cross-section of corporate and technology executives in nearly 270 organizations in 2009 to gather representative data. Aggregate cross-sector benchmark information was developed for the industry's collective benefit.
Nano Title: Overview of Nanotechnology Developments in the UK & China 
Presenter: Zheng Cui, PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Synopsis: It is time for the conventional industry to have a close look at what nanotechnology can offer, what are the hypes and what are the realities. How nanotechnology was invested by the governments and what the outcomes are. The future of nanotechnology will also be commented on. Nanotechnology information from the United Kingdom, United States and China will be included in the presentation.
Dollar sign Title: Today's Pioneering Nanotechnology Companies: The Race for a Trillion Dollar Market
Presenter: Tihamer Toth-Fejel, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
Synopsis: This webinar introduces 20 success stories of diverse companies that are nanotechnology pioneers, including some of the companies behind the $2.6 trillion prediction. Undoubtedly some of these pioneers will become partners and suppliers to traditional manufacturers — perhaps yours? PDF • Audio