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Conference Proposal Guide

Background Information

The North America Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) and the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division jointly decided in July 2009 to collocate the annual meeting of each organization, i.e., NAMRC of NAMRI/SME and MSEC of MED/ASME, starting from June 2011. The collocated annual conferences will be held in the second week of June. A week before or after may be considered only under extremely special circumstances. Conference collocation means that the two conferences will be held side by side at the same place, and a single registration will allow full access to both conferences.

Since 1973, the North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) has been held on the campus of a host institution to encourage a dialogue between conference attendees, offer opportunities for laboratory tours and disseminate state-of-the-art manufacturing knowledge. NAMRC has historically had about 80 to 150 attendees on average.

The Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference is the flagship annual forum sponsored by the Manufacturing Engineering Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to disseminate the most recent results in manufacturing research and development through both technical papers and panel sessions. Since its inauguration in 2006, the conference has increasingly attracted more than 200 researchers and practitioners from more than 20 countries.

Important Dates

The host organization can either be a university with active manufacturing research programs, an industry company with strong involvement in manufacturing technology or a government/nonprofit organization that has significant leadership in manufacturing research and development. Interested organizations can submit written host proposals to the Coordinating Committee established by the NAMRI/SME Board of Directors and the MED Executive Committee. The due date of a host proposal is the first of December three years before the conference year. The Coordinating Committee will make a recommendation to the NAMRI/SME Board of Directors and MED Executive Committee by the following early January. A final selection of the host site will be announced by the following February. The critical dates are:

Dec. 1, Year-3 Conference Proposal to Coordinating Committee
Jan. 31, Year-2 Coordinating Committee Recommendation to NAMRI/Board and MED Executive Committee
April 15, Year-2 Announcement of Host Site
June, Year-2 Agreements Signed Among Host, SME and ASME
2nd week of June, Year Collocated Conferences Takes Place

Selection Criteria

The criteria for the site selection will be based highly on the ability of the organization to provide a high-quality, high-value venue for a first-class international conference in the manufacturing research and development area; and the ability to communicate effectively with the NAMRI/SME and ASME/MED communities.

Proposal Contents

The proposal should provide the following elements:

Conference Organizers
  • Organizing committee — individuals and their roles
  • Institutional support and commitments:
    • Relevance of the organization to manufacturing research and development
    • Letter(s) of support from upper administration with detailed commitments, such as release time, secretarial support and financial commitment
Conference Site
  • Site access and travel options: air travel and ground transportations, with associated cost estimates
  • Conference facilities:
    • Available rooms for opening ceremony, parallel sessions, committee/board meetings, staff and author preparation rooms
    • Banquet format and venue
    • Maximum conference capacity
    • Availability of audio/visual/Internet
    • Weather/climate
    • Local attractions
  • Lodging options and cost estimates
  • Distance to the meeting site (transportation arrangement, if appropriate)
  • Availability of Internet at lodging sites
Conference Schedule
  • Tentative session/event allocation plan (i.e., plenary, technical, student sessions, meeting schedule)
  • Technical tours
  • Special sessions to encourage active participations from industries, universities or governmental/nonprofit organizations
  • Companion program
Conference Finance
  • Conference budget, including but not limited to:
    • Facilities charge
    • Conference website charge
    • Registration service (e.g., website, credit card charge, name tags, goody bag, miscellaneous office suppliers, etc.)
    • Audio/visual/Internet charges
    • Banquet and its transportation cost, if appropriate
    • Food and refreshment charge covering breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches and banquet
    • Publication charges (e.g., paper submission/review website, conference proceedings, conference program, conference promotion material, etc.)
    • Six (6) complimentary registrations
    • ASME staff charge ($2,200)
    • SME/NAMRI promotion charge ($2,500)
    • SME foundation charge ($20 per full registration)
    • Guest speakers' honorarium (NAMRC — Founder's Lecture; MSEC — Merchant Medalist)
    • Poster boards, if applicable
    • Dues to the societies based on the current NAMRI/SME and ASME/MED board policies regarding conference operations
  • Registration cost structure:
    • Regular registrations (early/regular/late/one-day registration)
    • Student registrations (early/regular/late registration)
    • Guest registration (guest speakers, student design competition presenters, companions, etc.)
    • Estimated numbers of each registration category
  • Plan for securing external sponsorships
  • Plan for conference promotion
Special elements (pre/post-conference events, unique features, event highlights, etc.)
Appendix (if applicable)

Proposal Submission

The written host proposal should be emailed, in PDF format, to the co-chairs of the coordinating committee, that is, the NAMRI/SME secretary and the program chair of the MED Executive Committee before the proposal due date. The proposing organization may be invited to make a verbal presentation at the NAMRI/SME Board of Directors' meeting and the MED Executive Committee before a selection is made. If the proposal is selected, the conference organizers are expected to provide regular updates to the NAMRI/SME Board of Directors and MED Executive Committee.