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Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

Now you can get Manufacturing Engineering magazine from the convenience of your iPad® and iPhone®. The app edition provides all the content offered in the print edition, plus the ease of touch-screen navigation and extra content like embedded videos and photo galleries.

ME Mobile AppVisit the App Store and search for “Manufacturing Engineering”, to download this free app today.

MillTurn Calc

The SME MillTurn Calc (Machine Tool Feed and Speed Calculator) is a basic calculator to determine speed and feed for turning and milling applications coupled with a material selection guide.

Available for iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® and Android™ devices, this application is ideal for anyone looking for a quick and simple way to utilize formulas at their fingertips.

Material selection guide features information on:

  • Coated carbide
  • Cobalt tool steel
  • High-speed steel
  • Uncoated carbide

SME MillTurn CalcGet your MillTurn Calc app today through the App Store or Android™ market

  • iPhone® (also compatible with iPod® and iPad®)  
  • Android™ (link must be clicked within an Android™ mobile device that has the Android™ Market application installed)  


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