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VIDEO: Capabilities and Advancements in Waterjet Technology


Learn the attributes of a waterjet machine tool, how it might contribute to your shop, and the latest advancements in technology. Full Article

VIDEO: Which ERP Software Is Best For Your Shop: On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud?


Choosing between installing manufacturing ERP software On-Premise, Hosted or through the Cloud can be a difficult decision for companies, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each option. From the presenter who brought you "8 Keys to Selecting the Right Manufacturing ERP Software," Exact JobBOSS brings you another Peter Adam original, complimentary Webinar, "Which ERP Software is best for your shop? On-Premise, Hosted or Cloud?" Full Article

VIDEO: Easy CNC With SINUMERIK Operate: Commonality Of Programming Between Shopmill, Programguide, CADCAM and ISO-Compatible Mode


Part two is intended to show a user how similar functionality is between creating programs in either ShopMill, G-code with programGuide mode, importing from a CAD/CAM system, or running programs previously created for an ISO-style control. We will take one example of a part and show it programmed in all four ways and then run each of them in auto mode. Once completed, webinar attendees will have an excellent understanding of what it takes to program and run a SINUMERIK CNC from programs created inside and outside of the control. Full Article

VIDEO: 3D Printed Rapid Tools for Injection Molding


Learn how 3D printed molds can cut turnaround time for your injection molded (IM) prototypes. We will discuss when 3D printed molds are a best fit, material selection and customer stories, as well as process limitations and tips for successful molding. Full Article

VIDEO: Applying the Latest Metal Chip Processing Technology to Improve EHS Compliance and Drive Cost Reduction


This Webinar will address the importance of analyzing your plants risk and opportunity as it relates to chip and fluid processing. Industrial metalworking manufacturing has undergone dramatic shifts that have changed operating structures. Flexible manufacturing, high-speed machining, material reconfiguration, cutting technologies, and environmental regulations and compliance are all factors which manufacturing has adjusted to meet changing government, consumer, and industry shifts. The one hour discussion will help you assess your chip and fluid processing needs, identify areas of greatest risk, and qualify cost reductions and additional revenue streams. The discussion will highlight some of the latest technology in modular chip processing that allows for the transfer, volume reduction, briquetting, load-out, and fluid reclamation in a single, easy to install and maintain, system. Full Article

VIDEO: Advanced Manufacturing and Using Big Data to Enhance Production from Big Shops to Small Shops


Dr. Thomas Kurfess, who served as the Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America, was the technical lead for the President on the current federal efforts related to manufacturing. One key area within manufacturing is the utilization of Big Data in conjunction with the currently available and rapidly growing capabilities of Cyber Physical Systems. Professor Kurfess will discuss how Big Data and Cyber Physical Systems can be employed to move manufacturing completely into a digital domain by employing digital models, in conjunction with readily available High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms (e.g., multi-core, GPU, and cloud), low cost deployable sensing and high bandwidth connectivity to enable rapid process and production planning for use in both cost estimation/quoting and, ultimately, production and verification. For cloud manufacturing, this will enable even the smallest and least sophisticated manufacturing node in the cloud to rapidly respond to large number of quote requests for complex parts utilizing low cost cyber infrastructure resources that are currently available and expanding on a daily basis. Full Article

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