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VIDEO: Precision Hard Turning - Advancements Beyond Belief


New machine technologies for Hard Turning allow advanced form tolerances and surface finishes to be achieved that were previously unattainable. Precision Hard Turning of parts is a more efficient alternative to slower semi-finish and finish grinding operations. Take this opportunity to learn how Hardinge can improve your shop’s efficiency and productivity with Precision Hard Turning. Full Article

VIDEO: Achieving Higher Machine Tool Performance Using Pure Serial Interfaces


Bi-directional serial interfaces play a key role in getting the most performance out of your machining operations. A deeper understanding of incremental and absolute position feedback systems and encoder protocols can help your company reduce system costs, generate higher positioning accuracies, speed stability, and dynamics, increase availability of functions, better your functional safety and enhanced preventative maintenance planning.  This Webinar will provide that understanding, while exploring the advantages of EnDat 2.2, HEIDENHAIN's pure digital serial interface. Full Article

VIDEO: Compact Laser Processing Systems: High Performance in Small Packages


Laser processing is an alternate and cost-effective solution to conventional metal manufacturing methods. This webinar will focus on the advantages that a small, versatile laser processing system offers to manufacturers looking to cut and weld small parts at high accuracy and speeds. The presenter, Frank Geyer, will walk participants through a variety of processes and their technical solutions showcasing the benefits of a small system. Full Article

VIDEO: FMEA in Engineering Talent Acquisition: What Can Go Wrong and What to Do About It


Engineering talent acquisition is a complex system with many moving parts. Every part has an important role, and defects in any one can have an adverse effect on attracting and selecting the right engineers and technicians, cause delay in assembling a project team or staff, and ultimately affect the ability to execute projects and deliver work product. We will take a look at what can go wrong in the hiring process. Companies will learn what can be done to error proof the system and eliminate waste and delay, and we’ll offer tips to the job seeker on how to get noticed and put their best foot forward. Full Article

VIDEO: Trendsetting Efficiencies: Using a Single 3D Printer in a Fast-Paced Prototype Environment


Join us as we explore what it takes to go from take-off to touch-down in the world of 3D printing. Prefix Corporation, an “innovationeering” expert will offer insight into how they developed a process to achieve the maximum efficiencies from their 3D printer. They will also discuss how this technology is being applied to the wide range of product development that Prefix offers to the automotive, aircraft, and medical industries. Prefix brings innovation and creativity to reality – from vision, concept, design & prototype, to production-ready specialty vehicles like the 2013 SRT Viper. Full Article

VIDEO: Software and Automation: Improving Manufacturing Efficiency


How has manufacturing software and automation improved efficiencies across the supply chain? What does the future hold for these continuous improvements? Software touches all aspects of manufacturing, from CAD/CAM designers and engineers to workers on the shop floor.  Join us as Thomas Kurfess, PhD, PE, covers innovations in CAD/CAM, product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and factory data management technologies employed today that will continue to impact manufacturing’s future. Full Article

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