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Advancing Manufacturing in the Glass City

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


Like many business development groups the Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) stages visits by journalists to tout their group's region. Thus I and four other editors were RGP's guests to view the state of advanced manufacturing in Northwest Ohio.It is not fair to the Toledo area to judge that state on the basis of visits to only six facilities. There may be some companies that are even more advanced and some that really don't measure up at all. Full Article

Viewpoints: The Great Rebalancing of Global Manufacturing

Jeffrey Reinert, President, INDEX Corporation


Manufacturing in the United States will continue to enjoy a renaissance, driven by increasing demand for consumer goods in our own country as well as other countries around the world. As the world has become increasingly globalized, the differences from country to country in standards of living are shrinking, and it is increasingly advantageous to manufacture goods close to the point of use. Full Article

UpFront: #MFGis #whatyoumakeit

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


Manufacturing isn’t a field I ever thought I’d be working in as a child, a teen or even as a young college graduate. I went to journalism school and worked as a crime reporter, a court reporter, a political reporter, a medical reporter and then, eventually, as an automotive reporter. It was in that final capacity that I was first exposed to a factory, to manufacturing. Full Article

Advanced Manufacturing Now: Constantly Connected: New Expectations for Quality Service

Tony Imbrogno, Vice President of Service, MC Machinery Systems


Today, I’m happy to report we’re seeing many signs of growth since the recent economic slump and business is booming for a lot of the manufacturers around the country. While this is reassuring, the recent growth and overall business doesn’t come without its challenges. An ongoing challenge for machine-tool owners is making sure they can stay up and running, and that their machines are performing when they need to. Full Article

Viewpoints: A Closer Look at Alternative Machining

Peter Loetzner, CEO, EMAG LLC (North America)


New material substrates and an increasing number of compact designs in aerospace engines, automotive transmissions, medical devices and elsewhere have had the dual effect of stimulating more creative approaches to machining, plus a review of the many techniques long classified as nontraditional. Full Article

Auto Manufacturing Network Growing Stronger

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


If the U.S. automotive industry hits popular forecasts of 16.4 million car and truck sales this year, it is likely that the number of vehicles built in North America will surpass 13 million in 2014 – for the first time in nearly a decade. Historically through 2012, most of that production, more than 85%, has remained in the United States, according to data from IHS Automotive, among others, estimates that US auto sales will hit a robust 16.4 million cars and trucks this year, up from the depressing low of 10.4 million in 2009 during the Great Recession. But it’s not just sales that have been gaining. The percentage of those vehicles that are also built in the US, Canada and Mexico has also been climbing since 2009, too Full Article

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