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3D Printing Machine Prices Forecast to Fall

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


Prices of 3D printing machines will decline because “the continued entry of new vendors into the market will further boost competition,” research company IBISWorld said in a report. Full Article

UL Goes Modern

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


How UL, founded in the 19th century, shifted to be a new manufacturing player in the 21st century. Full Article

NASA Fired Up Over 3D-Printed Engine Components

Edited by Senior Editor Michael C. Anderson


A NASA team is fired up about getting closer to building a completely 3D-printed, high-performance rocket engine. They demonstrated this in December by assembling additive-made complex engine parts and firing them up with cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen to produce 20,000 pounds of thrust. Full Article

Puris 3D Prints Largest Titanium Part for Commercial Use

Puris LLC press release


Puris, LLC said it successfully 3D printed the largest, most complex titanium part for commercial use. Full Article

PwC: Manufacturers Need to Embrace New Technology

Senior Editor Bill Koenig


Manufacturers need to embrace technology such as “connected” factories, 3D printing and “cobotics,” despite a slowing manufacturing economy, Pricewaterhouse Coopers said in a report. Full Article

Quality 3D Printing Requires Quality Inspection

Contributing Editor Ilene Wolff


As industry tinkers with the possibilities of additive manufacturing, a puzzling misconception has surfaced that should be corrected. Some in industry imbue 3D printers, the workhorses in AM, with the ability to make identically perfect parts every time, from part No. 1 to part No. 10,000, with no need for inspection or metrology. It’s just not so.
Full Article

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