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Quality Scan: CT Scans: Not Just for Doctors Anymore

Andy Woodward, President, Wenzel America Ltd.


Computed Tomography or CT, as it’s commonly known, has been used in the medical field for years, but it’s use in industry has lagged far behind. Medical CT machines take multiple X-ray slices through human bodies so doctors can get a complete 3D image of the interior of the body. Full Article

Quality Scan: The Benefits of In-Process Air Gaging

Chris Koehn, Business Unit Manager—Stotz Air Gaging


In recent years, we have seen higher production manufacturers wanting to move air gaging quality checks from a stand-alone, outside-of-machine device, where the operator is performing a manual check, to an automated in-process gage. There are several reasons for this trend, such as higher quality standards, tighter tolerances, as well as running a leaner operation. The benefits are 100% inspection of the required geometric callout, as well as handshaking between measuring device and machine to make each piece better than the prior one and remove bad parts. Full Article

Quality Topics Run Deep

Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe


SME Technical Papers on quality have been a mainstay of the collection for decades. Several hundred papers-from "Administration of Quality Control" (1951), "Role of Quality Control in the Sales Effort" (1965), "Quality Assurance of Advanced Composite Structures" (1979) and "In-Process Quality Control for Cold Forming" (1983), through "Quality Measures Through Service Gap Analysis" (1991), "TV Screen Quality Inspection by Artificial Vision" (2003) and "Quality Inspection Planning of Oilfield Equipment" (2010)-show the durability of the topic. Full Article

Ubisense Survey Finds Nearly 85% of Manufacturers Cite Worker Error for Quality Control Issues

Press Release - Ubisense


The 2014 Smart Manufacturing Technologies Survey, commissioned by Ubisense (AIM: UBI), a global leader in location intelligence solutions, found that worker error is the single biggest cause of quality control issues for manufacturers today. According to the Ubisense survey, nearly 85 percent of respondents cited worker error for the cause of quality issues. Full Article

Metrology at IMTS 2014 - Better, Faster, Smaller

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


A number of new devices highlight a discernible trend. Metrology providers want to move precise geometric inspection on to the shop floor, developing small portable devices or new ways of using existing equipment. Full Article

Quality Scan: Using Metrology for a Competitive Advantage

Jeff Freeman


Manufacturing is one of the most challenging industries in the world of business. Foremost, it is highly competitive and attention to detail is crucial. Secondly, structural costs and regulatory compliance increase costs of doing business, leaving manufacturing companies continually looking for opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase profitability. Full Article

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